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A hystory of innovation, passion and quality

1988: is just the beginning of a story of innovation, quality and passion. Maurizio Manzini starts working in the industry of Pick&Carry cranes.

In 2007 he accepted the challenge with himself: to found JMG Cranes driven by the love for his work, his vision and supported by the knowledge of the industry. Soon, hard work and perseverance led him to satisfactory results.

In 2010 he patented the hydraulic telescopic proportional boom. This innovation allows JMG cranes to lift and move weights with millimetric precision.

The year of 2014 was signed by the development of a new model: JMG MC450 pick&carry crane.
With a maximum lifting capacity of 90,000 Lb and extremely compact dimensions.

In 2016 a process of expansion and differentiation of JMG’s products portfolio begins with the acquisition of the LIGE, a Pick&Carry manufacturer with 70 years of history.

The next year JMG outperforms itself with the development of the largest machine in its range JMG MC 580, with a lifting capacity of 127,800 Lb.
The innovation process continues with the production of Speedylifter99 Lifter in 2018, fully radio remote controlled, compact and maneuverable. MC 100S and MC180S two totally radio-controlled machines with an extremely appealing style, powerful and elegant at the same time.

Now JMG Cranes, under the direction of its founder Maurizio Manzini, is oriented towards new goals that it intends to achieve together with its customers, because we are here for you.

Our Mission

To find the right lifting solution with passion, innovation and by respecting the environment.

Our Vision

Being the global leader for lifting solution.

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